SOCKO provides bespoke creative consultancy services for brands, agencies and clients. We bring fresh ideas, diverse talent, and authentic artistic originality to the creative process for every project we take on. Beginning as early in the process as the client desires our team of directors, writers and visual researchers create exciting, compelling concepts.  SOCKO turns ideas and concepts into impactful, unforgettable content ranging from commercials, documentaries, digital and branded content.


SOCKO production full-service production f0r clients from all over the world. Drawing from our deep network of industry professionals, with the perfect blend of expertise, experience, and production smarts we work on projects of all sizes and scales. We offer local production services to production companies in need of local knowledge, crews, location scouting, equipment rental and other services in Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Stockholm and Lagos. Our commitment to excellence ensures success from every perspective–creative, financial and, most importantly, in client satisfaction.


SOCKO provides cost effective, post production services including offline, online, visual FX, color grading, and beauty work. We work closely with an award-winning roster of editors, sound designers, graphic and VFX artists  to ensure a unified creative vision across all aspects of the job. These relationships and our understanding of the technical and creative requirements all us to deliver high-end creative and technical solutions, with honest budgets across all media platforms.

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