Evan Beamer

Evan Beamer is a tall, skinny, big-nosed director and writer from New England. who started out in comedy as a PA on Parks & Recreation and as a director on Wilfred BTS skits with Elijah Wood. He co-wrote and directed the action-comedy feature, Armed Response (2013: Lionsgate/Amazon) and helmed the series Party Girl (2016: Hulu) which premiered at Tribeca. He’s also directed numerous short films and commercials, for clients such as Chase Bank, Crown Royal, and the L.A. Kings. His viral spots for Sun Butter have garnered over 6 million views on social media.

Armed Response: Feature Film Excerpt

Chase Mobile: Sweater Plum Fairy

Sun Butter: Sun Gods

Party Girl: One Uber

Wilfred BTS: Syphylitic Runt

I Know You: Short Film

Crown Royal: Baby Boomers

Sun Butter: Better Friends