About Us


SOCKO is a Los Angeles-based, full-service production company representing fresh, new directors with original artistic vision and unique perspectives–the best, award-winning young talent new to the commercials market.  

SOCKO is in-your-face, uncompromising, and unconventional; diverse, globe-spanning, and future-thinking; surprising, original, and innovative; multinational, multi-dimensional and multi-talented.

SOCKO makes the creative vision of the client come to life. We maximize the potential of your ideas by creating the best production set-up and finding the best talent for each project.

SOCKO’s mission is to inspire, challenge, stimulate, and, at the same time, keep the dialogue smooth and the production on-track. 

SOCKO makes sure you get value for your budget, the best creative solution, and that the project is delivered on time and in order.

SOCKO takes pride in promoting womanhood, equality of ideas, as well gender, racial and cultural diversity. Creativity has no colors, genders or age. We represent only the best.